22 April 2012

Can I buy a Wishbone Day Shirt?

I want to sell my own Wishbone Day t-shirts or promo items...

At Wishbone Day HQ we love to see your creative style shine through in homemade Wishbone Day t-shirts, posters, etc!

Making your own Wishbone Day items is a great hands-on activity to help raise awareness of OI and to bring your community together. You can download and print our Wishbone Day logo to use for your immediate family and friends.

Mass producing and then selling your items at a profit without the support of your OI Association is not in the spirit of Wishbone Day. If you want mass produced t-shirts please let us know so we can assist you to partner with an OI association nearest you. This will ensure that maximum benefit is gained and any funds raised are done so in a safe and secure manner.

Before you use the Wishbone Day name or logo be sure to read and understand the conditions of our logo.

When you make your own Wishbone Day shirts or other items please be sure to include the website url www.wishboneday.com so people know how to find us!  We want as many people as possible to learn about OI and how they can participate in Wishbone Day.

But what if ... I want to buy a Wishbone Day T-Shirt?

You can buy a ready made Wishbone Day T-shirt direct from our Wishbone Day online store.  You can choose your own style and size at our Wishbone Day online store.

The benefit to buying items from the Wishbone Day store is that your purchases (thanks to our terrific Rotary partners) will assist OI awareness and development around the world.

Last year, your online purchases helped launch and support the first OI club for families in Vietnam!  They will celebrate Wishbone Day for the first time this year!  and since the launch of their OI club in November 2011 amazing things have happened regarding awareness, access to treatment and support.  Awareness really does make a difference!

Please let us know how you plan to celebrate Wishbone Day. We want to add more bright ideas to our website to share with the world!!

Please send in your ideas and be sure to send us your photos!

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