27 April 2012

How to share your Wishbone Day photos

This year we're making it SUPER easy for you to share your Wishbone Day photos.

1. Already sharing through Facebook?

Follow Wishbone Day on Facebook so you can tag Wishbone Day in the photos you want to share with us.

People will be able to view a tagged Wishbone Day photo on our Page if they are already able to see it based on its privacy setting. Tagging Wishbone Day in a photo doesn’t change the privacy setting for that photo so be sure to update the privacy settings to public view for your photo or album. If you cant see your photo on our page, we wont see it either. Check your privacy settings.

By tagging Wishbone Day on our public Facebook site you'll be granting permission for Wishbone Day to select those photos for use in the Wishbone Day 2012 video.

2. Upload your photos to your own photo hosting site:

You can upload your photos to your own hosting site ie. Photobucket, Picsaweb, Flikr or DropBox and give Wishbone Day viewing and download permission to your Wishbone Day folder. Permissions can be sent to photos@wishboneday.com. By giving Wishbone Day permission to view and download your image/s you'll be granting Wishbone Day permission to select those photos for use in the Wishbone Day 2012 video.

3. EMail your photo selection:

Prefer just to email.? Thats fine, email your photos direct to our Visual Media Team at photos@wishboneday.com

We cant wait to see all the amazing yellow photos from Wishbone Day 2012!  Send your photos so the world can see that OI is no show stopper!!

Are you ready?  Only 9 days to go!!

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