21 May 2017

Wishbone Day 2017 celebrations in Jakarta!

2017 was the year Indonesia celebrated a new generation of walkers... This special report by Jo Freeman and Dr Aman Pulungan speaks to the incredible change being driven by caring doctors, committed families, generous sponsors and passionate supporters, all working together so #EVERYchild in Indonesia might enjoy life to their fullest capacity!  

08 May 2017

A Wishbone Day march through the streets of Ghana

Wishbone Day was a new beginning for families and friends living with OI in Ghana. On Wishbone Day, 6th May 2017 the OI Foundation Ghana was launched. Wishbone Day was their day of liberation. Together we stand in solidarity.

Awareness makes a difference!
For more information:  www.oifghana.org

07 May 2017

Body Positivity with Abby Green

Abby Green talks about finding body confidence as a young woman with OI:

"When you see a picture of someone who look fierce, its because they know that they're fierce! ... so the moment you accept yourself for what a babe you are, the hotter you're going to be".

Wishbone Day.  Because awareness makes a difference!

05 May 2017

Brisbane lights up for Wishbone Day

Brisbane lights up for Wishbone Day!  The Victoria Bridge and Story Bridge at South Bank Brisbane will light up yellow for Wishbone Day on May 6th.  You're invited for a picnic at South bank from 4pm.  Wear yellow and bring your own picnic for the light up at about 5.15pm.

01 May 2017

The truth about growing up disabled by Dylan Alcott

We’re excited to announce that Dylan Alcott was today announced as 2017 Patron for  International Day of People with Disability. Dylan is one of Australia’s most successful and well recognised Paralympians. Dylan said that as Patron, he will be inviting everyone to continue a national conversation about what we can all do to normalise disability.

"Disability remains this thing that nobody really wants to talk about. There is still this negative stigma that having a disability is this weird, unlucky and really ugly thing. For kids with disability that don't have any confidence, its really really hard for them to get over this [stigma] and to get into the world to do what they want to do.  It [negative stigma] really restricts everything that they want to achieve"...   
"I think it is really important moving forward that we as a society change our perceptions of disability away from this idea that disability is this really bad, unlucky, and weird thing and stop being so scared to talk about it.  We need to realise that its ok to have any disability.  We need to further our expectations of what people with disability can really do".  [Dylan Alcott]

We stand with Dylan on addressing negative stigma. We invite everyone to have conversations that challenge their own perceptions of disability and to further their expectations of what people with disability can really do!

Join the conversation!!