21 March 2014

Wishbone Day Sydney 2014 -- Come and say hello

Wishbone Day 2014 is fast approaching!

Don't let our friends, family and colleague miss the opportunity to get involved with Wishbone Day this year. Take the time to invite all those new to your networks to be an active part of our Wishbone Day family.  Sharing is caring!

Join one of the many Wishbone Day celebrations around the world.  Why not drop in on Wishbone Day celebrations in Southbank Brisbane on the 3rd May or if you're in Sydney head on down to Darling Harbour on Sunday the 4th May.  Come and say hello!  Don't forget to get your yellow on!!  Because awareness makes a difference!  If there isn't a Wishbone Day celebration near where you live consider starting your own unique Wishbone Day tradition!  

How will you celebrate Wishbone Day 2014?