20 November 2011

Wishy in the Netherlands

Here I am in the Netherlands having a fantastic time.

I visited a lovely town called Putten where I attended a meeting of the Dutch OI Association. I've met so many new friends and shared so much about Wishbone Day

My friends Norbert Boumans and Taco van Welzenis took these wonderful photos.

This is a photo of when I met some "zwarte Pieten" (black Pete). Black Pete traditionally help the Dutch "Sinterklaas" with the distribution of sweets and presents to children. They are so mischievous!  

It has been so much fun to learn about new cultures and traditions and how our friends all over the world celebrate special times together. Leaning new things has really been a highlight of my world adventure.  

After the meeting some of my friends took me to one of the local hotels.  I was feeling very thirsty so my friends gave me a lovely drink. We had so much fun that I started feeling a little dizzy!  I've really enjoyed my visit in the Netherlands.

The next part of my travels will take me across the Ocean to Ecuador. I can't wait to meet my travel buddies and hosts Maria Barbero and Oliver Semler, a paediatrician from Cologne University Clinic for Children. Together we will attend the second Latin American OI Congress in Quito, Ecuador.

Soon I will also visit Peru, Mexico and Brazil.  Such exciting adventures!

19 November 2011

Together for a better world for all

(OI Panama)

Why is Wishbone Day important?
Because awareness makes a difference!

Wishbone Day is not a fundraising event.
All we ask is that you wear yellow on Wishbone Day.

Wishbone Day yellow SHINES with optimism & happiness
And carries the promise of a positive future!

The theme for this years' international day of people with disability is 'together for a better world for all'.  On the 3rd of December wear your Wishbone Day yellow with pride and together we will make a better world for all!

Awareness makes a difference!

08 November 2011

It's almost launch day!

Thanks to our great friends at CLAN, the National Hospital of Pediatrics (NHP) in Hanoi, Children's Hospital Westmead (CHW in Sydney, Australia) and other key partners, we'll see the launch of Vietnam's Inaugural OI Club on 14th November. 

We're super excited about this life changing event! Yes, you heard it right - LIFE CHANGING! About 120 children will immediately benefit from the launch of this OI club that will continue to benefit families for generations to come.    

If you know of families living in this region please be sure to let them know. AWARENESS MAKES A DIFFERENCE!  We'll look forward to bringing you updates soon.  

Thanks to our friend Yenthanh Mac for translating so many OI resources into Vietnamese including our Wishbone Day video!