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Can I buy Wishbone Day items?

Yes.  You can buy Wishbone Day t.shirts and other items from our online Wishbone Day store.  Our online Wishbone Day store is international and items normally ship within 24 hours.

T.shirt front:  Why is Wishbone Day Important.
 Back:  Because Awareness Makes a Difference! 

Any profits raised through merchandise sales will always support ongoing Wishbone Day activities worldwide for example, in 2011 in partnership with Sydney Childrens HospitalRotary and CLAN the launch of the inaugural OI Club in Vietnam was achieved; 74 families attended this inaugural event.  Ongoing opportunities for treatment, support and community building remain the focus of OI communities worldwide. 

Can I sell my own Wishbone Day items?

No. Selling Wishbone Day items is not permitted unless expressed permission is obtained prior and is supported by an OI association in partnership with Wishbone Day.  Selling items under the guise of Wishbone Day or OI awareness for your own personal gain is not allowed. Please contact Wishbone Day or your OI association for information about how to support fundraising efforts in your community.

We encourage our OI community to be creative in their Wishbone Day spirit. Getting family and friends involved in making their own Wishbone Day t.shirts can be a fun community building and awareness raising activity.  We don't mind if children and families make their very own t.shirts.  These should only be used for immediate family and friends.  Items must not be mass produced or sold to others for profit making purposes.

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