17 April 2011

Get creative this Wishbone Day

There are many ways you can express yourself this Wishbone Day.  Here are just a few suggestions that our Wishbone Day supporters made themselves at home.

Yellow Wishbone Day ribbons

Wishbone Day figures made from yellow and black pipe cleaners.

Wishbone Day pop-up-cut-outs

Wishbone Day yellow finger nails!

Learn about bones cut out skeleton

A yummy Wishbone Day cake

or cookies!

Wishbone Day pompom creatures

Hand out a Wishbone Day info sheet

Wishbone Day yellow shoes!

Fancy Wishbone Day yellow glasses!

Yellow hair?

A HAPPY! yellow puppy

A yellow Car

There are many ways to express yourself on Wishbone Day. 

We love reading your creative ideas - so click on the comment link below and share your ideas for Wishbone Day!

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