24 October 2014

I wonder what creative spirit will soar for Wishbone Day 2015?

For Wishbone Day 2014 Maleah spread the word on Wishbone Day and OI awareness by creating this terrific video about her life with OI.  Maleah reached audiences worldwide and her video has now been translated into multiple languages!

If you haven't seen it (or even if you have!) you should really watch it.  Here it is ...

Watching Maleah and her video today started us thinking ... I wonder what creative spirit will soar for Wishbone Day 2015?

Take the Wishbone Day challenge! Be creative. Be clever. Be heard.

#WishboneDay #NoFundraising because #AwarenessMakesADifference

24 June 2014

Living with OI by Brendan Doherty

Brendan is 12 years old and has OI. Mr Kennedy is his 5th class teacher at St Patricks Primary School in Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland. Together, Brendan and Mr Kennedy have been helping students, teachers and parents to learn about what OI is and what living with OI means to Brendan. 

Brendan has been very busy sharing his story with all the classes in his school. This has led to great discussions, particularly among the younger pupils, as to what OI is and what it is like for Brendan to live with OI.  Brendan and Mr Kennedy are excited to share this story with others through the school website. They hope their sharing will inspire others to learn more about OI. Read Brendan's story.