09 October 2020

Through my eyes: In conversation with Dr Evianne Grosvenor and Melinda Montgomery

Join this free interactive webinar on identity, inclusion and self-portraiture. 


Through My Eyesis a collaborative, arts-based knowledge translation research project initiated at the Black Dog Institute and UNSW Sydney. Through participant-led photographic enquiry, the project seeks to reveal fresh perspectives on disability to challenge pervasive, limiting negative attitudes and assumptions.

In this interactive webinar, Evi and Mel present a series of self-portraits included in the resulting exhibition. They will discuss how each work was constructed, the influence of feminist themes and how the images call for greater inclusion. This talk provides an opportunity to understand how seeing and thinking more about diversity in bodies and abilities can benefit all women. 

The webinar will have live captions. An interactive chat room will also offer a platform to connect to others through shared experiences.

Dr Evianne Grosvenor is a photographer and manages formal complaints at Macquarie University. She holds a PhD in Psychology, focusing on child sexual abuse and children’s memories of traumatic events.

Melinda Montgomery is a photographic artist from Wollongong who has been behind the lens for over 20 years. She credits her unique style to adapting to the restrictions of the world around her and her wheelchair and encourages others to view the world through her perspective.

Event and registration details:

Wed 28th Oct 2020, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm AEDT

27 May 2018

Ketut Budiarsa is most certainly not ordinary, at all.

Ketut Budiarsa is most certainly not ordinary, at all. Ketut is one of three brothers living with OI in Bali. He is a proud Balinese man. Let us share with you his story of life with OI in Bali, his work as a human rights activist and public speaker, and his use of art to tell stories. Visit his website at http://ketutbudiarsa.weebly.com

07 May 2018

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