06 February 2018

You are beautiful!

By Stacy Mason

At the end of last year I was chosen to be a model for a photo exhibit called Embrace Your Body. This exhibit featured glamorous pictures of many beautiful women with all different body types beyond the stereotypical "magazine model." I was the only woman chosen who uses a wheelchair.

I decided to do the exhibit for my myself and for my daughter. We both have Type 5 OI. As most of you know, having OI usually means having deformities and not looking "normal." I have struggled with accepting parts of my body for a long time. My right leg is my most hated. I broke it so many times in late elementary school/beginning of middle school. It was in a cast so many times it's significantly shorter then the other. I was/am a chronic leg crosser which with soft bones meant that leg eventually curved around the other leg which is why it has a significant curve to it. Its the main reason you will rarely find me wearing anything that shows my legs. I know my spine is very curved and as a result I have a noticeable "hunch back" and I know my arms are not straight in the slightest either, but for some reason its my legs that I want to hide.

My daughter will be 5 soon, and she already has some unique characters about her body. Its my job to show her she is beautiful no matter what, but how can I do that when I struggle with it myself? So, I went way outside my comfort zone and did this.


I felt beautiful (but nervous!!!) and these photos are gorgeous, if I do say so myself! I hope my confidence to share my body and embrace it will encourage others in this community who may be struggling to love themselves too. You are beautiful and you are worth it!

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