23 April 2022

PEOPLE WITH OI - NOT PATIENTS: a message from Ingunn

Greetings from India

Greetings from the Indian OI organization

The Indian Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation has been a registered Trust since May 2018. The IOIF has been actively involved in raising awareness of OI and supporting the OI community in India since it was established, and is currently the most active OI organization in India. 

The IOIF has been added to the Wishbone Day OI around the world page to help people with OI and their allies to find OI support in India. For more information regarding the IOIF visit the website

Happy Wishbone Day!

Is your OI support foundation listed on the Wishbone Day website? (you can check here)

If your OI association or foundation is not listed, let us know so we can add you. Email us at info@wishboneday.com

13 April 2022

Wishbone Day: If fundraising is your motivation for taking part ... you've missed the point. A reminder

Wishbone Day is not a fundraising event. It is not a missed opportunity to raise money. If fundraising is your motivation for taking part, you've missed the point.

Every year in the lead up to Wishbone Day I am asked about why Wishbone Day is not a fundraising event. People often question it's design as a missed opportunity to raise money -- the typical purpose of awareness campaigns -- especially for those surrounding disability.

So let me explain.

People with OI, their families and friends created Wishbone Day. They wanted to be listened too. They wanted to be acknowledged and taken seriously. But most of all they wanted a community in which they were connected and that they belonged. Wishbone Day was created as a platform on which these voices could be heard and that communities could be built.

Fundraising was very deliberately left out of the Wishbone Day design and intention. Because if you couldn’t fundraise, Because if you couldn’t fundraise ... it could leave room for something more. When Wishbone Day was created it was an invitation to the world to join our OI community – to become one with us. It was an invitation to have conversations about who we are and what matters most, and to have people really listen and to understand. It was an invitation to play with us, to work with us, to eat with us, to accept and love us, and to celebrate with us! It was an invitation to create together a community in which we all truly belonged.

Wishbone Day was a new beginning. And in accepting the Wishbone Day invitation you choose to become one with us. On Wishbone Day we ask that you join with us as equals … not to cure us or to make us better … but to really be with us … to celebrate all that we are together, right here, right now. Enough. Just as we are.

Wishbone Day yellow shines with optimism and carries that promise of a positive future. It really is that simple. 

Happy Wishbone Day!