30 December 2010

A global connection ignited

2010 saw the inception of Wishbone Day – it’s hard to believe we’re only in our first year! Together we’ve achieved so much!!

Our Wishbone Day community has ignited a global connection! A community ready to reach out, to share and to connect with others - a community passionate about raising awareness, challenging perceptions about living with OI and leading opportunities for all people. Together we have reached 1000’s of people all over the world and we’ve only just begun!

When the clock strikes twelve on December 31st the whole world will come together to kick-start a brand new year – some with glittering celebrations and others with quiet times of reflection.  When the New Year strikes at your place take a moment to reflect on the amazing journey that was 2010 and be excited for the year ahead.

In the spirit of Wishbone Day we're inviting you to share with us your Wish list for Wishbone Day 2011.

Post a note or make a video or picture telling us:

  • What you’d like to see happen for Wishbone Day 2011? or;
  • Why Wishbone Day is important to you?
We will revisit the list this time next year and see what we’ve achieved!

Happy New Year friends!

You can post your note or video on Facebook or click on the comment link below and leave us a comment.

25 December 2010

Happy Holidays

Seasons greetings to our many friends all over the world!  
Be happy and stay safe this holiday.

18 December 2010

A Wishbone Pandemic!

On 6 May 2010 Wishbone Day spread like wildfire across the globe. We know Wishbone Day was celebrated in various forms in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Bermuda, Canada, Greece, Spain, Germany, Norway, Philippines, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Sweden, Argentina, Colombia, China, Ecuador, Japan, Belgium, South Africa, Poland and we know that Wishbone Day was translated in at least 22 languages!!

In 2011, our aim is to reach all our friends all over the world.

Here is our map so far.

Are you on it? If not, please let us know so we can add you!

Do you know how we can reach others? Help us reach them!

Let's cover this map with Wishbone Day flags by May 2011

17 December 2010

Make a wish!

Who gets the wishbone after Christmas dinner at your place?

Give the wishbone extra meaning this year ... Share about Wishbone Day and make breaking your Christmas day wishbone extra special!

04 December 2010

Ramp Up with Stella

Join Stella and others at Ramp Up, the ABC's new website dedicated to all things disability - to ramp up the conversation about disability.


Hello and welcome to Ramp Up.

I'm the editor Stella Young.
Ramp Up is the ABC's new website dedicated to everything about disability. But not in a whingy, daggy way. This is a website with attitude.

Ramp Up will feature columns from a wide range of people with disabilities that will entertain, inspire, delight and provoke. It'll also be packed with the latest news from the sector, drawn from across the ABC.

This is a place to have your say, debate current issues and have a laugh about the weird and wacky situations us people with disabilities find ourselves in every day.

Like the time I dropped a can of chickpeas on my kitchen floor and could do nothing but make some fairly inedible hummus with my wheels.

Or that kid last week who asked me a highly pertinent question - "Are you imaginary?"

Disability brings challenges and amazing opportunities and Ramp Up will be the place to bring this rich, multi-layered community to life.

So stick around. Let's ramp up the debate, have the discussions and raise our voices.

03 December 2010

How many times have you said to someone ... 'you can't' or 'no, that is not possible'?

I can’t hear ‘no’
Or ‘you can’t’
Or ‘You’re not right for the part’
I don’t listen to narrow mindedness
Or prejudice
I refuse to be typecast
I never wonder if I am good enough
Or brave enough
Or bold enough to step out onto stage
I don’t shrink from the spotlight
I crave it
And when people tell me what I’m doing is impossible
I tell them, ‘I can’t hear you’

Caroline Conlon - Deaf Actress/Director and TV Host

Today being International Day for people with disability we invite all people to focus on your own attitudes, limitations and the barriers that you or your organisation put up around people (including those with and without disability) to achieve in their everyday life.
How many times have you said to someone ... 'you can't' or 'no, that is not possible'?

Have this conversation with others.

Awareness makes a difference!