03 December 2010

How many times have you said to someone ... 'you can't' or 'no, that is not possible'?

I can’t hear ‘no’
Or ‘you can’t’
Or ‘You’re not right for the part’
I don’t listen to narrow mindedness
Or prejudice
I refuse to be typecast
I never wonder if I am good enough
Or brave enough
Or bold enough to step out onto stage
I don’t shrink from the spotlight
I crave it
And when people tell me what I’m doing is impossible
I tell them, ‘I can’t hear you’

Caroline Conlon - Deaf Actress/Director and TV Host

Today being International Day for people with disability we invite all people to focus on your own attitudes, limitations and the barriers that you or your organisation put up around people (including those with and without disability) to achieve in their everyday life.
How many times have you said to someone ... 'you can't' or 'no, that is not possible'?

Have this conversation with others.

Awareness makes a difference!

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