22 November 2010

OIF Unveils Plans for Awareness Week

To coincide with Wishbone Day - 6 May 2011 the OI Foundation USA have announced plans for Awareness Week, to be held 9-15 May 2011. 

Awareness Week is a week-long national awareness campaign made up of a series of dynamic and informative promotional programs designed to increase public awareness about OI. The Foundation anticipates that this national effort will not only raise awareness about osteogenesis imperfecta and also reveal that OI is not as unknown as many might think.

Awareness Week is designed to be a collaborative effort of both volunteer events and Foundation sponsored events and programs. The Foundation will organise an Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill and sponsor a charity motorcycle ride. OIF Support Groups are being asked to lead outreach programs in their communities. Any member of the OI Community can participate in Awareness Week by planning their own event such as a Blue Jeans for Better Bones, Walk-N-Wheel or Bone China Tea. All volunteer events will be listed as part of the Awareness Week schedule of events.

The Foundation is partnering with local and national sponsors, such as Whole Foods, to help support the success of Awareness Week. With the help of the OI Community, Awareness Week will touch those near and far by educating a multitude of constituents ranging from the general public to elected officials.

For more information about Awareness Week or to plan your own event to be part of Awareness Week, visit www.oif.org/awarenessweek or contact Jennifer Redding at jredding@oif.org.

12 November 2010

A new community partner for Wishbone Day

We're excited to announce the Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah will support Wishbone Day Internationally! This new partnership is an exciting step in raising awareness around the world by supporting communities everywhere to host their awareness raising events.

Click the image above to view and print

The Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah invites all Rotary Clubs (including Rotaract and Interact Clubs) to support their local community in the hosting of Wishbone Day events (small or large). Click the image above to download and print the invitation. 

If you are an individual, school or business and need help to host your event take the above information sheet to your local Rotary Club and invite them to register their support at info@wishboneday.com

If you are unsure how to find the rotary club nearest to where you live use this online Rotary Club locator to help.  We will link all participating Rotary Clubs on our website - so be sure to let us know who they are!

05 November 2010

Get your groove on with Sean ... DANCE!

Ok so Sean has an important message for all of us.  Let loose and move! Have your own private dance party!  You ready? .... GO!!

Sean has said that he has contacted the Ellen Show to see if she'd like to dance with him. What a great idea! Come on Ellen. We dare you!!!

Talking of Ellen ... You know another of our OI community members - Jared, once had one of his work colleagues ask:
"what is it (OI) called again - Ellen Degeneres Imperfecta?"
... of course Jared said "yes... that's what its called". HA!
Osteogenesis Imperfecta / Ellen Degeneres Imperfecta ... yeah, thats pretty close.