29 April 2011

Follow the yellow Wishbone Day road

We're excited to see the increased number of Wishbone Day images creeping across the world to raise awareness of OI. We love the posters and various art works being created as individual expressions of Wishbone Day.  

It is important to remember that if you are creating images using the Wishbone Day image you must link it back to Wishbone Day at http://www.wishboneday.com/

This is important to protect the Wishbone Day image/logo and how it is used, to make sure that people know how to find us and to keep Wishbone Day moving in the right direction.  

All Yellow Wishbone Day roads should lead back homehttp://www.wishboneday.com/ 

Don't forget to check out our image conditions of use.  Thanks!

Got any questions - just hit up the comments section below and I'll make sure I respond asap!

28 April 2011

Send us your photos!

Watch this video to see how our first ever -- in the history of Wishbone Day awareness days -- was spent in 2010. 

Can we out do this in 2011?

Get photos of your Wishbone Day activities, shirts and other promo items and send them to

info@wishboneday.com -- you could feature in our next Wishbone Day video!

26 April 2011

More bright ideas

Is your business, organisation or school going yellow on Wishbone Day?  Use this poster to invite people to ask you why you're wearing yellow!

Click the image to view as a larger file then right click to save and print.

We love Gingerbread!  Check out these great Wishbone Day treats.

You can get the recipe from the Brittle Bone Society UK 

Send us your photos of Wishbone Day treats!

We've got you covered

We're in the last couple of weeks before Wishbone Day 2011 and the whole world is in full preparation for a very yellow celebration!  If you haven't got your yellow ready to go, never fear! - we have you covered.

We've got Wishbone Day gear to suit everyone.  T-shirts, hoodies, magnets, stickers, drink bottles and much more.  Be sure to order soon to make sure your Wishbone Day gear arrives at your place before May 6th.  Check out the Wishbone Day online store for some great awareness raising items.

Don't forget you can also get your Lucky Break Wishbones in time for Wishbone Day! These little Wishbones are a unique and fun way to share Wishbone Day in 2011.

Our friends at Lucky Break Wishbones are offering Wishbone Day supporters worldwide a 10% discount on all wishbones and FREE shipping for all orders of 100 wishbones or more.  Your order will be shipped within 24 hours -- no matter where you are in the world!

Lucky Break Wishbones will also donate a portion of their proceeds to Wishbone Day! Win-Win!

21 April 2011

On Wishbone Day, 6th May - We say STOP!

On Wishbone Day we say STOP

We recognise the overwhelming desire for individuals and communities to raise money to find a ‘cure’ for OI.   But on this one day -- Wishbone Day, 6th May we say stop! 

We want you to celebrate with us, not for us. We want you to recognise the strengths and abilities of those living with OI, to acknowledge challenges, celebrate successes and to recognise that there is more to OI than a cure!

Awareness really does make a difference! and it doesn't cost a cent!

Speak to a person living with OI and they will almost certainly say that their biggest challenge in life is not their OI but rather the attitudes and assumptions made about them and their life by others.

So this Wishbone Day we invite you to ‘do it differently’ -- make it your priority to share in those stories, challenge your own assumptions and make a positive difference in your community. 

Hit up the comment link below and tell us how it goes!

17 April 2011

Get creative this Wishbone Day

There are many ways you can express yourself this Wishbone Day.  Here are just a few suggestions that our Wishbone Day supporters made themselves at home.

Yellow Wishbone Day ribbons

Wishbone Day figures made from yellow and black pipe cleaners.

Wishbone Day pop-up-cut-outs

Wishbone Day yellow finger nails!

Learn about bones cut out skeleton

A yummy Wishbone Day cake

or cookies!

Wishbone Day pompom creatures

Hand out a Wishbone Day info sheet

Wishbone Day yellow shoes!

Fancy Wishbone Day yellow glasses!

Yellow hair?

A HAPPY! yellow puppy

A yellow Car

There are many ways to express yourself on Wishbone Day. 

We love reading your creative ideas - so click on the comment link below and share your ideas for Wishbone Day!

Wishbone Day Word-Find

Here is a fun Word Find activity for the kids. You could add this activity to a task about bones. Build a skeleton or locate the bones on their own body. 

Right click the image above and choose 'Save Image' to print out.

Wishbone Day Posters

Get the kids to decorate their very own Wishbone Day poster.


right click the image above and save to print and colour in

right click the image above and save to print and colour in

Get your Lucky Break!

Our friends over at Lucky Break Wishbones are ready to take your order before Wishbone Day!

They're offering all Wishbone Day supporters a unique and fun way to share Wishbone Day in 2011. Wishbone Day supporters worldwide will get a 10% discount on all wishbones and FREE shipping for all orders of 100 wishbones or more.  Your order will be shipped within 24 hours -- no matter where you are in the world!  Click here to download the order form

Lucky Break Wishbones will donate a portion of the proceeds to Wishbone Day!  

If you're looking for a unique and fun way to share Wishbone Day with others this year this could be the solution. To order your wishbones from Lucky Break Wishbone click here to download your order form

16 April 2011


It's hard to believe that this is only our 2nd International awareness day for OI - Wishbone Day!

We've grown so much and spread so far. Wishbone Day has achieved so much and made 1000's of new friends along the way. 

Wishbone Day 2011 will be celebrated across the world in playgroups and pre-schools, schools, universities, local and international businesses and organisations, with kids and adults of all ages, in small and large community groups.  There will be Wishbone Day inspired t-shirts, posters, badges, hats, pins, ribbons and door hangers.  Wishbone Day inspired picnic days, morning tea's, dinner parties, congress meetings, playgroups, craft sessions, information sessions, newsletter segments, TV advertising, radio broadcasts and so much more.    

Check out this very cool BEFORE and AFTER snapshot

How will you celebrate Wishbone Day 2011?
Keep sharing Wishbone Day with the world.
We still have a lot of people to reach!

13 April 2011

Wishbone Day is proudly supported by our friends at ............

Are you an organisation, business or community group that supports Wishbone Day? 

We would love to add your logo design to an info sheet and send you the PDF for you to print and distribute.  So send us your logo at info@wishboneday.com and show your support!


12 April 2011

Sharing is caring

Have you Wishbone Day news or events
you'd like to share with others?
Let us know so we can add it to the Wishbone Day website!!

Send a short note including dates, locations and contact details if appropriate.
We're happy to add interest stories, news and events.

i LUV Wishbone Day

i Luv Wishbone Day is the new statement of the month so we added it to a T-Shirt! 

You can buy iLuv shirts as well as our traditional Wishbone Day designs from our online Wishbone Day store.  

All profits associated with the sale of Wishbone Day merchandise purchased from our store is supported by our Rotary partnership and will be used to support programs for people living with OI.

You're invited!

Calling all Sydney-siders!

If you're living in or visiting Sydney on Saturday 7th of May, then pack the picnic basket, get your yellow on and head to Bicentennial Park, Homebush for some Wishbone Day fun.

More communities join in on Wishbone Day celebrations

Yes!  That's right!  We've updated our Wishbone Day Map again.  More communities around the world have joined our international awareness day.  

If you're not represented on the Map.  Please tell so we can add you. info@wishboneday.com

Wishbone Day Hispano 2011

Our Hispanic Wishbone Day community has produced another fantastic living life with OI video. Watch the video and meet our Wishbone Day friends from Mexico to Argentina, Spain to Peru.

Wishbone Day is only a few weeks away! How will you celebrate??