29 April 2011

Follow the yellow Wishbone Day road

We're excited to see the increased number of Wishbone Day images creeping across the world to raise awareness of OI. We love the posters and various art works being created as individual expressions of Wishbone Day.  

It is important to remember that if you are creating images using the Wishbone Day image you must link it back to Wishbone Day at http://www.wishboneday.com/

This is important to protect the Wishbone Day image/logo and how it is used, to make sure that people know how to find us and to keep Wishbone Day moving in the right direction.  

All Yellow Wishbone Day roads should lead back homehttp://www.wishboneday.com/ 

Don't forget to check out our image conditions of use.  Thanks!

Got any questions - just hit up the comments section below and I'll make sure I respond asap!

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