08 July 2012

People should celebrate Wishbone Day because it's a party for my bones!

“Hey JuBee! Why is Wishbone Day important?” My spunky kid (again decked out in yellow well before May 6th) replied, “Becaaaause I’m special mom!” I think that pretty much captures why we celebrate Wishbone Day. For us, Wishbone Day is a celebration of triumph through challenges. Of course, it’s about raising awareness of Osteogenesis Imperfecta, but our celebrations are focused on rejoicing about all the magnificent things that happen between fractures. That’s the stuff that makes our Ju special! Between the umpteen medical appointments and incessant mounds of paperwork to “manage OI,” Ajani has learned to climb a tree, make scones, ride a bike, skip, pop wheelies in his chair, clip coupons, read simple words, reciprocal climb stairs, count and add, check out library books, swing on the monkey bars, season chicken and self-advocate.

Ju’s such a confident, happy kid and he just loves to engage people. Right now, he thinks that any and everybody he sees in late April and May “is wearing yellow for Wishbone Day too Mom!” and most people “have bones like me.” I am so pleased that Wishbone Day gives him another opportunity to celebrate himself and all that is special about him. In Ajani’s words, “People should celebrate Wishbone Day because it’s a party for my bones and they can learn how to be my friend.” Atta boy Ju!

-Aiesha Oliver
Proud mom to the fabulous “almost five” JuBear: Adventurous bug hunter extraordinaire who happens to have Type III OI.

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