Wishbone Day Brand

Using the Wishbone Day and Wishy Logo

The Wishbone brand and logo was designed and copyright held by Ms Jo Ragen. Jo has Osteogenesis Imperfecta and has a long standing interest in community building. Jo is currently working in research into resiliance factors for children with disability.

Permission to freely use Wishbone Day and the Wishy logo for noncommercial purposes is granted to anyone promoting Wishbone Day and awareness of OI.
Permission is granted on the sole basis that Wishbone Day and the Wishbone Day logo is not used for profit purposes, is linked back to www.wishboneday.com and #wishboneday and used for awareness purposes ONLY.
For further information about the logo, copyright and how you can use the Wishbone Day brand to raise awareness please contact us @ info@wishboneday.com.


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