08 July 2012

YELLOW a symbol for Wishbone Day and OI just like pink is a symbol for breast cancer

As we were preparing for yet another surgery I am reflecting back to the last few months. Wishbone day excited Kayte this year. From Early January when she began working on her science fair project, she KNEW she wanted to do something about OI so she could promote Wishbone Day. The events of Wishbone Day made her feel so special. She did great advocating for awareness. 

Thank you to the Wishbone Day team for planting the seed. I don't think any of us realise how big Wishbone Day will be one day. I truly believe most people will one day associate YELLOW with OI and Wishbone day, just as pink is a symbol for breast cancer.

THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication to the OI community!

Michelle Hoppe
Proud mum to Katye

Do you have a Wishbone Day story you'd like to share?
Send it to info@wishboneday.com with a photo.

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