04 December 2010

Ramp Up with Stella

Join Stella and others at Ramp Up, the ABC's new website dedicated to all things disability - to ramp up the conversation about disability.


Hello and welcome to Ramp Up.

I'm the editor Stella Young.
Ramp Up is the ABC's new website dedicated to everything about disability. But not in a whingy, daggy way. This is a website with attitude.

Ramp Up will feature columns from a wide range of people with disabilities that will entertain, inspire, delight and provoke. It'll also be packed with the latest news from the sector, drawn from across the ABC.

This is a place to have your say, debate current issues and have a laugh about the weird and wacky situations us people with disabilities find ourselves in every day.

Like the time I dropped a can of chickpeas on my kitchen floor and could do nothing but make some fairly inedible hummus with my wheels.

Or that kid last week who asked me a highly pertinent question - "Are you imaginary?"

Disability brings challenges and amazing opportunities and Ramp Up will be the place to bring this rich, multi-layered community to life.

So stick around. Let's ramp up the debate, have the discussions and raise our voices.

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