21 April 2012

Wishbone Day Visual Media Projects - meet Ann Marie

Following Wishbone Day each year we have produced a video that captures Wishbone Day in all its bright yellow glory and showcases the amazing awareness raising efforts from around the world.

Ann Marie Barnes has been a long time supporter of Wishbone Day and we're excited to share with you that this year Ann Marie from Ulysses Blue will produce our Wishbone Day 2012 video.

Meet Ann Marie Barnes - Wishbone Day visual media projects 
Ann Marie Barnes is the Director and founder of Ulysses Blue; a visual media production company situated in Crows Nest, Sydney. Ann Marie has been a photographer from the moment she was able to hold a camera so brings her passion into her work each and every day. Ann Marie also has experience in cinematography and has worked on documentary and corporate film projects. She has a refreshing enthusiasm and dedication to her visual endeavours and the people she works with. Ann Marie also enjoys working with non-profit organisations. She has previously worked with PDCN (Physical Disability Council of NSW), Rosemount, Youth Off The Streets, Models of Diversity and continues to help on Wishbone Day projects.  www.ulyssesblue.com

Want to be included in the Wishbone Day 2012 video?

If you'd like your event photos to be included in the Wishbone Day 2012 video please send your photos or videos to Ann Marie at photos@wishboneday.com no later than Friday 26 May, 2012.

You must email us your photo for it to be included in the Wishbone Day 2012 video!

For best results Ann Marie has requested that you send photos in high resolution. A file size of at least 1MB if possible.  If you need more information about how to upload your photos or how to get the best quality images please email Ann Marie at photos@wishboneday.com  


  • When you send us your photos via the photos@wishboneday.com email address you are granting Wishbone Day permission to use your images in the Wishbone Day 2012 video and to including on the Wishbone Day www.wishboneday.com and our facebook fan page.
  • Your photos will never be given to others or used in any way other than to promote Wishbone Day.  
  • Your surname will never be identified with your photo.
  • Please only send us photos that you have permission to use.
  • When you send your photo please also include a note about where in the world the photo was taken.

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