19 April 2012

Wishbone Day on a Sunday?

This year (2012) Wishbone Day falls on a Sunday and for some people this works out perfectly. For others it makes it difficult to celebrate at school or with work colleagues.

If a Sunday Wishbone Day celebration doesn't work for you, then nominate another day!   It is ok to celebrate your Wishbone Day on a day that best suits you and your community.

If celebrating on Friday 4th May works out better for you and your community that is perfectly fine!  If celebrating later in the week is what works best then that is also fine.

Last year people nominated a day in May (usually in the week leading up too or immediately following Wishbone Day) that best suited them and their community.  You can still include your photos in our Wishbone Day video and photo page.

The official Wishbone Day will always be 6th May, but pre- and post- celebrations are warmly welcomed.  Awareness makes a difference! no matter what day it is.

Let us know what you have planned for Wishbone Day 2012.

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