04 January 2012

More than a bright yellow shirt

This time last year we announced our exciting new Rotary partnership.  This was a big step forward for Wishbone Day to maximise awareness and sustainable growth worldwide. 

One of the many benefits to our partnership with Rotary Club Dee Why Warringah was that it enabled Wishbone Day to include a small profit margin to awareness items purchased in our online Wishbone Day store.

We're delighted to share that through your purchases and the support of Rotary Dee Why Warringah the profits raised from the sale of awareness items from the Wishbone Day store during 2011 have been donated to CLAN to contribute to the launch and some ongoing support of the OI Club in Vietnam. 

For many families living with OI in resource-poor countries there is very little available in the way of access to effective medicine, treatment or support.

74 families gained direct benefit from the OI gathering in Hanoi in November and these families will celebrate their first Wishbone Day with us in 2012!  AWARENESS MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Wishbone Day is not a fundraising event and our primary focus remains with awareness raising; it is however exciting to know that through the generous support of the Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah when you purchase a Wishbone Day shirt or other awareness item from our online store you will be benefiting OI communities and awareness worldwide.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Rotary Club of Dee Why Warringah for their ongoing generosity, support and enthusiasm to raise OI awareness and support for families around the world.

If you haven't yet purchased your Wishbone Day shirt for 2012 jump online and check out the many items available.

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