29 January 2012

What's possible?

Wishbone Day started with the question "What's possible?"

Since then Wishbone Day has surged its way across the world raising awareness about Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

Wishbone Day is making a difference through each and every one of you who embrace the fun and joy of Wishbone Day!  We've seen improved networks and supports, better access to schools and other community agencies, greater understanding from communities and an overwhelming burst of enthusiasm towards action and hope for the future.

We love hearing your stories about how Wishbone Day has made a difference to your life, the amazing people you've met and the fun you've had on Wishbone Day. :-)

So what's possible for Wishbone Day in 2012?

What's possible for you in 2012?

What's possible for people with OI? What can we do in the world?

Click the Post a Comment link below and tell us!
We want to hear from you what's possible!!

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