26 June 2012

Wishbone Day changed our lives - for the better!

Hi there...We are from Washington State, USA. Let me tell you how Wishbone Day has changed our lives - for the better!!

Yellow is her new favourite colour!
My daughter is six yrs old (type IV). As her parents, we had experienced a long and traumatic series of accusations of child abuse. It wasn't until she was 14 months old that she was finally diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. We have been through a lot with different doctors in our area, so there are still big trust issues with the medical professionals we come into contact with.

We have gone to the last two U.S. OI conferences and I felt the love and support from other parents who have children with OI. It was just a wonderful experience for our whole family. We had just decided to go to the upcoming conference this July, when I went on Facebook looking for the OI parent group and other support and there it was yellow, yellow, yellow!!!!

I started to watch the videos on the Wishbone Day website and have yet to dry my eyes!!! I knew we had to do something! With only four days to go until 6 May, I started by sharing anything and everything I could on Facebook and encouraged my friends and family to do the same.

Yellow Wishy Cupcakes!
Our quote was, "Just one click makes a difference"! I was scheduled to work the whole weekend but I managed to hand paint six OI t-shirts for our family, make buttons, flyers along with 150 yellow/wishy cupcakes for our neighbours and for both my husband's and my workplaces!!! We delivered the cupcakes and informed new and old neighbours of Wishbone Day! Then we hit the town, wishing everyone Happy Wishbone Day and sharing information about OI!!!

We had a blast and brainstormed all day of what we are going to do next year! We can't wait to get our community involved and have a huge celebration next year! I am so grateful for Wishbone Day!!!

It's a fun and exciting way to spread information that is positive and something my daughter can be proud of!!!  She has informed me that yellow is her new favourite colour and she wants Wishbone Day printed on everything yellow!!!!

For this very happy mamma, I feel empowered now to help educate my community to hopefully support and connect with other families dealing with OI.

"Awareness makes a difference!"
It sure did in my life and I thank you!!!

Our Family Spreading Awareness!

Stephanie Lutz
A very happy Mamma

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