26 June 2012

Join our Wishbone Day family! Wishbone Day, Queensland

A beautiful fine day was celebrated at Southbank in Brisbane, beside the Brisbane River. 38 people joined us in making a successful Wishbone Day... We had people from Cairns, Rockhampton and Northern New South Wales.

We had balloons,signs, brochures, skeleton, shirts and cake and lots of yellow food. We had so many people come up to us wanting to know more about OI - what it was, etc. We were competing with the Buddha Festival for parking. That proved to be a bonus! It just brought more people to our party!

One young lady who had never met anyone with OI besides her mum and grandma, saw our signs and was blown away! She has now joined our OI Family. Awareness really does make a difference.

New friends were made, parents with young OI kids met other parents, mums with OI who have had children and about to have children met.

Wishbone Day is making a such a positive difference for our next generation and we can't wait for next year!!!

Raechel Richards
Queensland Representative
OI Society of Australia

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