02 May 2012

Guess who arrived home today?

That's right!  WISHY
Wishy arrived home today from his big around the world trip!
Look how far he travelled!  You can read about Wishy's Big Adventure here.

He left Sydney on Wishbone Day 6th May 2011.  His plan was to travel and see as many new friends as possible and to be back in Sydney to celebrate Wishbone Day Sydney 2012.  Way to go Wishy!!  

He made it home just in time!!!!  

While he was away he met so many fantastic friends, attended conferences, met professional, kids, parents and staff.  He visited clinics, homes, hospitals and special events.  

He arrived home safe but very very tired!

Wishy wants to thank all his generous hosts for helping him travel between places, giving him somewhere safe to sleep and keeping him busy during those awesome trips.  

He cant wait to begin the next part of the travel plan because there are still so many places and people he wants to meet.

Wishy will leave Sydney again soon to attend the OIF Conference in Washington DC, so if you're there keep an eye out for him! After the conference he will head straight to the Philippines. 

If you'd like to host Wishy where you live or have an event you'd like him to attend, please drop us a note so we can add it to his itinerary!


want to meet Wishy?


Wishy will make a special guest appearance at the Wishbone Day 2012 Sydney celebration at Darling Harbour this Sunday!   
12- 3pm
 Darling Quarter.  Darling Harbour, Sydney



Anonymous said...

Is there a Wishy video anywhere?

Craig Andrews said...

Hello there - A video of Wishy is coming later this year!

Wishy has his own Facebook page tho' http://www.facebook.com/WishysBigAdventure

Hope you can like his page and say hello there!

Julie Stonestreet said...

Hey Jo, can Mel & I pick up Wishy on Sunday so we can get him ready to go to the OIF conference or has he got other engagements before we fly out on the 25th June...:)