12 June 2015

Waterdown family's bond unbreakable

Zooey's parents were investigated for child abuse. A common story for families with OI. Why is Wishbone Day important? Because awareness makes a difference!

From the Flamborough Review
By Catherine Ohara

She’s only 23 months old, yet she has suffered 27 bone fractures. Despite her many injuries, Zooey Schneider’s spirit remains unbreakable. At a glance, you wouldn’t know that Zooey lives with a rare genetic condition. The adorable toddler is all smiles as she prepares to dig into her Happy Meal at the McDonald’s location on Parkside Drive. Her smile grows wider as she is presented with a colourful plastic figurine with yellow wings that match her bright t-shirt and floral headband. Read their whole story: Waterdown family's bond unbreakable

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