09 April 2014

All Yellow Wishbone Day roads should lead to home

We're excited to see so much Wishbone Day awareness creeping across the world to raise awareness for OI ... Wishbone Day is only a couple of weeks away and this year is guaranteed to be the biggest yet!  

You can help to grow it even bigger. Keep your message simple and clear - and remember to always link your Wishbone Day messages back to Wishbone Day www.wishboneday.com/

Linking back to Wishbone Day will help us to grow a strong and united community across the world, ensure that people everywhere know how to find us and will keep Wishbone Day moving in the right direction.  

All Yellow Wishbone Day roads should lead back home

Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest using @WishboneDay or #WishboneDay. 
Remember if you are using the Wishbone Day logo to check out our image conditions of use.   
You'll also find a list of OI associations around the world for more support.

Got questions? hit up the comments section below and I'll make sure I respond asap!

Happy Wishbone Day!

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