15 February 2013

5 year old Mya is excited for Wishbone Day 2013

With less than 12 weeks until Wishbone Day 2013, Mya is planning her very own Wishbone Day celebration with her big brother Nigel. The last we heard she was working toward a Wishbone Day party, with lots of yellow and some good friends.  We can't wait to hear how her plans unfold as she organises her very yellow and fun day of awareness.  Way to go Mya!

How will you celebrate and raise awareness on Wishbone Day this year? Remember the focus is awareness - its not about the money ;-). What creative, fun and innovative ways will you use to change perceptions, attitudes, and understandings? The challenge is on! 

Let us know what you have planned for Wishbone Day 2013 by leaving a comment below.

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