27 March 2012

Wishbone Day unites worldwide

We are excited to introduce you to Rafael Navarret, regional liaison for South America and Spanish Speaking Countries. Rafa will collaborate closely with Heather Anderson, liaison for Nth America and with Maria Clarke, liaison for Europe to help represent spanish speaking countries in those regions.
Rafa is a long time supporter of Wishbone Day and has been an important team member in translating and developing Wishbone Day in Spanish speaking countries across the world.

Rafa brings to our team much wisdom and energy.  You can contact Rafa via email at sth-america@wishboneday.com

Meet Rafa Navarrete -

Hi. My name is Rafael Navarrete. I live in Seville, Spain. I have OI type IV. My father had OI. And I have a brother also with OI. I am a member of Ahuce, the Spanish association of OI. I have over 10 years working in the dissemination of OI in all Spanish speaking countries.

I am a Law graduate and work as a civil servant in local government of Andalucia on social issues.  I am married but I have no children.

Although the term "awareness" has no equivalent in Spanish, we seek the same everywhere: the best possible treatment and a better life for all.

We have celebrated Wishbone Day from the first year in 2012 and from the first moment it seemed a fantastic idea that could unite all those who have OI worldwide.  I am very proud to represent Spanish-speaking countries.  Long live the Wishbone Day!

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