07 March 2012

Vietnam has got TALENT!

We've just recently learned of Vietnam has got Talent.  Look who is rocking the house! What a way to raise awareness!

Our good friend Yen Thanh Mac has translated the commentary from the judges.

The first judge (Thuy Hanh, MC):   Your performance is the most excellent presentation today!!! Your face was so bright !!! I love to see your eyes while you were singing!

The second judge (Thanh Loc, Actor):  You looked very appealing while you were singing. I like the way you played with your hair during the performance “na, na, na, na”…Wow..You are so charming. You were like a chiropractor helped the hearts of all people in this stadium be revival.

The third judge (Huy Tuan, Musician):  I believe you were born for being a singer, for performing in front of audiences and your great performance made others be happy!


Anonymous said...

That's too cute!

what a talented young lady!

chiropractor sydney said...

She certainly defies the norms of the quintessential woman despite her handicap. I hope she takes it all the way to the finals.