07 October 2011

Next stop Spain!

I arrived safely in Germany and met up with my travel buddy Ute from OIFE. We travelled together to the OIFE conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia where I met some wonderful new friends including friends all the way from Australia, Helen Keogh and Professor David Silence! Can you see me in the photo below?  I'm sitting with my new friend Terese from Sweden!

After the OIFE conference, I was so excited to be invited to join the 11th International Conference on OI! It is such an exciting time to be meeting so many amazing new friends and learning of all the awesome Wishbone Day ideas being planned for 2012.  Awareness really does make a difference!

Delegates from the 2011 OIFE Conference, Dubrovnik Croatia

I have just heard that there will be an OI conference for the first time in Mexico in January 2012. So, I am going to try and get to that one. Is there anyone who can put me up for a few days in Mexico? I need a travel buddy!  Please leave me a comment or email me on wishy@wishboneday.com if you're keen to be my travel buddy in Mexico!  

I have also heard about the exciting news that our friends in Vietnam will soon be launching their OI Club.  I can't wait to hear all about their first meeting in November!  Maybe I could visit Vietnam sometime soon!!

Ute was worried that I might be getting homesick.  But no, I'm having far too much fun to be homesick! Soon I will say good bye to Croatia and head to Spain for the Congress on OI in Sevilla and will meet more OI family and friends!  

I can't wait!  Spain here I come!!

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OI-Paten/Padrinos-OI said...

Hey, from Sevilla you have to come to Ecuador (II Congreso Latinoamericano de Osteogénesis Imperfecta from Dez. 5th to Dez. 7th in Quito)! Stay with us in Spain for a while (we can show you around in Madrid and Barcelona) and then you can travel with Ute and with me to Ecuador. From Quito you can travel to Perú or even right away to México. There will be a lot of Latin-American OI-friends there for you to meet.