22 October 2011

ACHOO from Europe!

I am having the best time here in Europe even though Ute and I, have both caught a little cold. We have been sneezing and sniffling - ACHOOOO!

In Sevilla we had 40°c and here in Germany about 35°c less .... it's very chilly. I may need to buy a nice warm yellow scarf or woollen hat to keep warm.

Last weekend in Sevilla, Spain I attended the Spanish OI Congress of AHUCE.  I spent lots of time with my good buddy Raffa and met so many other new and old friends.

Look how many new friends I made this day! We had such a wonderful time together and I have learned so much. 

I can't wait to see all their creative ideas for celebrating Wishbone Day 2012. I am sure it will be the best and biggest Wishbone Day EVER!

Just the other day I learned about the new Wishbone Day Soccer team in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands).  

Look how awesome they look in their bright Wishbone Day yellow uniforms! I will write more about them soon so watch for updates on my latest news.

Tomorrow I will visit a small OI meeting in Germany. I am looking forward to meeting many more beautiful friends.

In December, I have been invited to cross the big ocean to visit the Latin American OI Congress in Quito/Ecuador!  I am so excited for this part of my trip.  I can't wait to meet my friends from Ecuador!  

From Ecuador my friends have suggested that I visit Peru and then go to Mexico! I am not sure who will be my travel buddy, so please let me know if you can help me with my travels to Peru and Mexico!
I am having such a great time here.  It is so very beautiful!  

Best wishes and many greetings for now,

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