28 September 2011

Wishbone Day 2011 News is here!

We've had some requests to provide 'Wishbone Day News 2011 as a download' to print off and share with your friends and family. So we've answered the call with a condensed version of Wishbone Day 2011. 

You'll find a small sample of Wishbone Day celebration photos that were shared by Wishbone Day supporters and published via our website, as well as the FAQ and a few 'did you know...' info bites.

Download and print WishBone Day News 2011 to help your family, friends and colleagues learn more about Wishbone Day or send it to anyone who does not have access to the internet!

We would love to get details of your OI awareness events. You can also add your 'Did you know...' items by sending us interesting news about our OI community.

I'll get you started :) Did you know... its only 221 days until Wishbone Day 2012!?

Send your contributions to info@wishboneday.com

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