08 May 2011

Wishy having fun in LA!

I took a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard walk of fame as well!

Did you know that when Jo Ragen was about 10 years old, she was in hospital with a badly broken leg. She received a huge fruit basket, bunch of flowers and a get well card signed -- Steven Spielberg.  I wonder if he wore Yellow on Wishbone Day?

Here I am enjoying a beautiful trip on the steam boat.
Las Vegas here I come!

Here I am having a great time. The Jungle ride at Disneyland was great fun!


Amanda said...

Wishy should come with me on my Carribbean vacation this month. :) Even though it's not an OI trip I'd bet he'd have a blast.

Wishy said...

WOW Amanda a Carribbean vacation sounds perfect! Next time I am in town maybe you could show me around?