28 February 2015

The challenge list - March

The rules are simple: 
  • Use the challenge list each month (posted here) to inspire one photo (or other creative piece) each day 
  • Find inspiration in your ordinary (or extraordinary) day! Take a photo.. 
  • Share on InstagramFacebookTwitter, or Pinterest  
  • Join the community by tagging with #WBDPhotoChallenge (like and share with others)
  • Have fun!!

The view from here #WBDPhotoChallenge is not unlike other photo-a-day challenges where participants draw inspiration from their ordinary lives, snap a photo and share with others. What is different about the #WBDPhotoChallenge is that each inspired image will be from the perspective of people with disability.

About the #WBDPhotoChallenge and FAQ

Why a photo challenge?
International Wishbone Day is fast approaching with only 3 months to go! The view from here #WBDPhotoChallenge is a fun and creative contribution to our international efforts to bring awareness to the diversity of life with disability.

When you view images from the #WBDPhotoChallenge you will see the world through the eyes of ordinary people with disability.

Who can participate in the #WBDPhotoChallenge?
Anyone with disability can participate in the challenge.

Do my images need to be disability focused?
No. Inspiration for the #WBDPhotoChallenge should be drawn from your ordinary day. The photo challenge will illustrate how ordinary life with disability really is.

Can my images be disability focused?
Of course! Your perspective is the key.

How do I share my #WBDPhotoChallenge photos?
You can share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or twitter by including the hashtag #WBDPhotoChallenge.  

You can also view other peoples photos by searching for the #WBDPhotoChallenge hashtag.

Will others be able to see my #WBDPhotoChallenge images?
That is up to you. You decide if you share your pictures publicly or privately on your social media site. If you want others to view your #WBDPhotoChallenge (including us) then set your privacy setting on your images to public.

What if I miss a day on the challenge?
No problem. There are no rules to how you participate. If you miss a day or two or a few, don't stress. Just start back when you're ready. You can decide if you post catch-up photos or just start back on the next day. You decide. The idea is to have fun. 

Do I need to sign up?
No. Just start. Post your images with the #WBDPhotoChallenge.

When will the challenge list be available? 
The challenge list will be available on the last Sunday of each month. You'll find the challenge list here on our website.

Want to play?
Get snapping! and share.

Help us add to our FAQ.  What do you want to know about the view from here #WBDPhotoChallenge? (comment below)

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