About Wishbone Day

Wishbone day yellow shines with optimism and carries the promise of a positive future.

Why is Wishbone Day important? 
Because awareness makes a difference. 

Wishbone Day is an international community awareness effort for Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), also known as 'brittle bones'.  

Wishbone Day is officially celebrated on the 6th May each year. Lead up or post celebrations are also warmly welcomed  :-)   Make sure your celebrations include the colour yellow! and promote the phrase:  

"Why is Wishbone Day Important?
Because awareness makes a difference!"

Apart from the yellow and the Wishbone Day phrase, people and organisations are invited to express Wishbone Day in their own way.  Each expression will be a unique contribution to this worldwide community awareness effort.

Through positive awareness we will bring action to those areas within our communities that could use some extra attention. Wishbone Day is not a fundraising event (see Frequently Asked Questions #4). 

Join us in making Wishbone Day bigger every year. Consider this your personal invitation to take Wishbone Day on as your own. Put the date (6th May) in your diary. Get a group of people together and make Wishbone Day bigger and better each year!

Wishbone Day, May 6th! Own it!

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